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Delivery and Shipping

Delivery within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Q/ What sites do you deliver to?

SMSA, Aramex and Faselto cover most of the cities and governorates of the Kingdom and deliver customers' orders to the door of their homes, store to door, but if the customer's location is outside the urban area or in a province where there are no delivery agents for the transportation company, the customer will be requested, graciously, to receive his order from his nearest branch

Q/ How much does the delivery process cost?

  • SMSA 21.74 Saudi riyals inside Jeddah from 1-2 working days / outside Jeddah from 2-7 working days (see company policy) (prices do not include value added)
  • Aramex 25 Saudi riyals inside Jeddah from 1-2 working days / outside Jeddah from 2-7 working days (see company policy) (prices do not include value added)
  • Fastlo 35 Saudi riyals inside the city of Jeddah from 1-2 working days / outside the city of Jeddah 45 riyals from 2-7 working days (see company policy) (prices do not include value added)
  • Store representative 15 riyals, receipt within 24 hours of order execution, a fee of 10 riyals is added when choosing to pay upon receipt (inside Jeddah only) (prices do not include value added)

Delivery to Gulf countries and the rest of the world

Q/ What countries do you deliver to?

  • We are currently dealing with Aramex to deliver orders to the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar

Q/ How much does the delivery process cost?

Delivery fees are determined automatically according to the weight of the products in the shopping cart and are visible to the customer before the purchase process is completed. According to the following data

The default weight for each product on the website is 0.600 six hundred grams

The shipping cost for the first full kilo is 57.45 Saudi riyals, which is equivalent to 15.32 dollars (the price does not include the added tax)

Each additional kilo will be charged 17 Saudi riyals 4.53 dollars (the price does not include the added tax)

Q/ How long does it take to deliver an order to one of the Gulf countries?

Orders are processed and delivered to Aramex within 24 hours, with the exception of Friday, an official working holiday, which takes 4 to 10 days to reach the customer.

Customs duties outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Some countries outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia impose customs duties and taxes in the customer’s country at the discretion of the competent authorities in the customer’s country, and they are not included with the shipping fees that the customer paid when purchasing from our website. Therefore, we recommend customers to check the additional costs that they may incur with the authorities of the country that will be Ship the order to him before completing the purchase process through our online store. We also warn that if the customer refuses to receive the order from the carrier, he is responsible for the original shipping fees that were paid in addition to taxes or import and reshipment fees to the Kingdom. These fees will be deducted from the value of the order and in In the event that these fees exceed the value of the purchases, the shipment will be abandoned and no refunds will be made to the customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ How can I track my shipment and know its track?

You can login to your account and click on the order number. You will see the purchase details and the shipment number for Aramex. After the policy is issued by the store, its number will be added to the order record and you will receive a text message as soon as the parcel is delivered to the shipping company. Once you receive the shipment number, you will be able to track Its path from the page is dedicated to tracking shipments from SMSA, Fastlo and Aramex

Q/ What if I was not present when the parcel was delivered?

In the event that no person is available to agree to receive the purchase order, you can arrange an alternative delivery date or obtain additional information by contacting the representative responsible for the shipment or the company responsible for shipping the order.

Q/ Is it possible to deliver to a different address than the billing address?

Yes, you can ship to a different address. When you make the payment, you will be invited to enter and choose the billing address and shipping address.

Q/ What if my package does not arrive?

In this case, please contact our customer service who will be happy to assist you