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Creed Silver Mountain Water Perfume - 100 ml

Eau de perfume for men

246.52 USD

Silver Mountain Water perfume, famous for its white creed, was first released in 1995. The fragrance opens with a fresh and pure scent as the air begins with citruses of mandarin orange and bergamot, middle notes are green tea leaves and black currant, base includes musk, sandalwood and galbanum (galbanum is a resinous, resinous aromatic compound extracted from coniferous plants). It is widely used in fixing the smell of perfume, as it imparts natural and herbal scents to perfumes.

The history of the Creed Perfume Company dates back to 1760. The same family has led the French perfume industry since its inception. The company was launched in London but moved to Paris at the request of Empress Eugenie and her husband, Napoleon III. The brand continues to create scents that are loved to this day by big fans of Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, as well as Duchess Kate Middleton.

246.52 USD
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