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Dior Homme Intense Perfume - 100 ml

Eau de perfume for men

103.30 USD

Every man has his own perfume, which usually expresses his personality and elegance, and leaves an impression on all the people close to him. Its scent becomes imprinted in their memory and reminds them of it. Dior Homme Intense perfume is one of the most beautiful men's perfumes offered by the international company Dior. It is creativity itself, innovation that has no limits, thanks to the wonderful and rich notes that spread and emanate with full force and confidence from this fragrance. Dior Homme Intense perfume was released in the year 2011, based on the scents of musk, pear, vetiver and cedar... You will adore it the moment you inhale it, because it is the most daring compared to other perfumes, as it depends on the three factors that distinguish this brand, which are magic, sophistication and sensuality.

103.30 USD
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