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Rich Icon Perfume - 90 ml

Eau de toilette for men

22.30 USD

Enjoy the wonderful and attractive aroma of Rich Icon from the French brand Johan B. The fragrance contains top notes that start with the scent of bergamot, grapefruit and black currant. Black currant finishes off the top notes with a rich blend of ripe cranberries. At the heart of the fragrance you find notes of rose, red berries, cherry and plum. Roses have a deep velvety scent. This rich floral scent complements perfectly with the fruity notes of red raspberries, cherries, and plums. The fruity scent is quite distinct, though. Red berries and peach have a nuance, while cherry has a soft scent when setting the perfume, the base notes of vanilla, musk and cedar take center stage. The rich vanilla scent goes well with the earthy musky scent. The woodsy cedar adds just the right finish.

Editor’s opinion after trying the perfume: For people who love the sects of this perfume, what distinguishes it is that it does not restrict you to an occasion. You can wear it during work hours or when you are meeting with friends. It smells nice on the nose and refreshing for the body. It is from the family of citrus perfumes that are very suitable for summer and sunny weather, very similar to Versace perfume. men's eros

22.30 USD
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