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100% pure and natural Brashin oud oil

42.39 USD 54 USD

With a rich honey-woody aroma, as soon as it touches the skin, it spreads throughout. The oil of Al-Barrashin agarwood, extracted from the finest dark agarwood trees in Prachin Buri Province in the Kingdom of Thailand, is characterized by its charming and unusual aroma. And occasions where the sweetness of the smell and its sweetness do not tire of the noses

Based on the experience carried out by the editor of the site, which may differ from one person to another due to the nature of the atmosphere and the interaction of fat with skin type and the percentage of cotton in clothes

This oil is applied to the skin for 9 hours

On a cotton undershirt (still under trial)

Al-Fuhan :★★★★★

42.39 USD 54 USD
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