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Armoral Leather Aoud Perfume - 100ml

Eau de perfume for men and women

31.70 USD

The leather odors that enter the perfume components have several sources. They are not real animal skins, but rather compounds whose odors mimic leather, such as birch tar (a thick black oily liquid distilled from the bark of birch wood) and other sources. Sharpness and high fuss. In this fragrance, leather notes share the lead with another precious ingredient, oud. This fragrance is suitable for men and women. It opens with bergamot, middle layers of cardamom, cloves, geranium and jasmine, and ends with notes of leather, oud, and a compound that mimics earthy scents in nature, amber wood, patola wood, patchouli and sandalwood.

Style: irresistible oriental

31.70 USD
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