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Beesline Soap Whitening And Exfoliating The Skin - 100 gm

5.40 USD

A moisturizing vegetable soap that contains exfoliating loofah, it cleanses and softens the skin by removing dead cells and sediments, and stimulates the radiance and renewal of the skin.

Usage Instructions:

It can be used daily. Lather the water over the body in a circular motion. Rinse well with water and dry the skin.

Warnings and precautions:

Avoid contact with eyes.For external use only

Ingredients: vegetable glycerine. Sodium stearate. Sodium oleate. Sodium ester-7 olive oil. Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate. sorbitol. cane sugar. Water. lactic acid salt. Vegetable leaf. sea salt Perfume. Ester-40 hydrogenated castor oil. Parsley extract. Olive leaf extract. olive oil. EDTI.

5.40 USD
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