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Black Bold EDP - 100 ml

Eau de perfume for men

35.10 USD

When international brands release one of their perfumes, they disclose a large part of its components and some of them may be kept secret. Here comes the role of companies specialized in the production of aromatic compounds, so they try to reproduce the three layers of the perfume according to the published formula for the perfume, some of which reach advanced stages in mastering the smell. French Marc Joseph is one of the new distinctive fragrances that smells very much like the famous Creed Aventus at an expensive price. The fragrance opens with a refreshing citrus scent of bergamot and lemon and comes in the middle layers of guaiac wood and anise flower. The base perfume base contains leather and tonka. The best thing about the fragrance is not restricting you to a specific period or occasion You can use it during the whole four seasons, in the evening or during the day

35.10 USD
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تركي الحربي

5 months ago

ريحته فواح وقوي

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