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Chopard Royal Oud Perfume - 80 ml

69.26 USD

The sensual blend of spirituality and sensuality that characterizes oud has captivated humanity for thousands of years, with its rich and resinous scents of leather, amber and incense.

Even today, agarwood is considered one of the most precious aromatic ingredients in the world, especially in the Middle East where the highest quality can be sold at prices higher than gold. In recent years, Western experts seeking to create a perfume with a pungent scent have used it, and Parisian perfumers have learned to show new facets of its beauty, transforming the scent of “One Thousand and One Nights” into a luxurious and modern material.

Chopard for men is the ultimate expression of the meeting of East and West. As for "OudMalaki" or "Royal Oud" in English, it is a name that fits the finest formulations of this noble scent. In order to give it as much balance and radiance as possible, an unparalleled artist was called in to this task, the skilled French perfumer Dominique Ropion, who has been the creator of the best-selling and most numerous perfumes since the eighties and is known for his unparalleled attention to the formulation of his compositions.

69.26 USD
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