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Clinique Aromatic Elixir Perfume - 100 ml

54 USD

Aromatics Elixir perfume for women was launched in 1971, and it is affiliated with Clinique. The fragrance is a floral chypre, and its name is aromatice elixir, which means extract of aromatic plants, and it is the first perfume of the company that produced it. who loves to stand out

Aromatic perfume was invented by Bernard Chan, who spent two years collecting and testing its components. The components of the fragrance are unique and was admired by Mrs. Carol Phelps, one of the founders of Clink, who approved it directly, which was not usual before, as consultations and experiments are conducted by consulting groups before adopting its production, given that it is the first Perfume for the company, and impressive results are expected

Aromatics Elixir perfume opens with herbs of sage, verbena and chamomile and comes in the middle layers of the fragrance are roses and white flowers (jasmine, ylang-ylang, and tuberose), while at the base its components consist of vetiver, patchouli and oak moss

54 USD
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