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Dolce & Gabbana The One Night Royal Perfume - 100 ml

69.12 USD
Steeped in mystery, sophistication and masculinity, it takes us on an olfactory journey to the Middle East, echoing its aromas and sensualities. Part of the woody oriental family of scents, it explores the multi-faceted world of spices and brings the richness of amber to life in an enhanced narration way.

Royal Knight is the exclusive interpretation of precious Middle Eastern ingredients with a long and rich heritage along with fresh personalities. With a unique and mysterious spirit, the fragrance's distinctive style lies in its secret and masculinity. It's strong but also smooth, traditional and contemporary.

The One Royal Night opens with spicy and vibrant details of cardamom, as well as the scent of fresh basil. At its heart is African wood pear, a distinct woody look, first used in this fragrance, joined by spicy nutmeg.

The base reveals the original, soft and spicy richness of The One: with warm amber, cedarwood, and sandalwood, along with deep and refined Cistus Labdanum accords.
69.12 USD
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