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Giorgio Armani Sea Passion Tester - 100 ml

82.17 USD

Si Passion, the new feminine fragrance from Giorgio Armani, is a fragrance dedicated to a woman full of femininity, emotions and the spirit of freedom. Si Passion opens with sparkling and cheerful pear notes, then combines woody vanilla with rose buds, heliotrope and jasmine. Creates this seductive fruity floral scent.
The red bottle expresses the essence of the wonderful C Passion fragrance, the color red symbolizes vitality and indicates passion and passion.
Giorgio Armani says, "I used red because I wanted to make you strong and good." Red is also the color of passion and love - the passion that makes your heart beat faster.

In Mr. Armani's own words, Sea Passion is "an irresistible blend of beauty, strength and independence".

82.17 USD
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