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Gucci Bloom Perfume - 100 ml

89.22 USD

The elongated edition is the first fragrance created by director Bloom, contemporary, multicultural and authentic. This perfume, when applied, gives you the feeling that you are in a garden full of flowers, and a perfume was formulated to reflect its name, which refers to the blooming of flowers, through the natural aromas of tuberose and jasmine that form a rich scent with the aroma of white flowers on the skin. The Indian kikula plant, discovered in southern India and able to change its color from white to pink, and finally bloom to red when the flower opens, adds to the perfume a touch of powdery smell and a distinctive floral aroma. The campaign depicts Eau de Parfum's ability to transport its wearers to the green garden from which it was inspired, and features actress Dakota Johnson, model and actress Harry Nef and artist Petra Collins.

89.22 USD
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