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Guerlain Santal Royal Perfume - 125 ml

Eau de perfume for men and women

105.65 USD

In 2014, Guerlain presented the Santal Royal perfume, meaning royal sandal. It was created by the house expert, Thierry Wasser, inspired by the treasures of the East, and he worked in it to present one of the rarest and most precious ingredients in the world of perfumes, which is sandalwood. Santal Royal is a fragrance in which Guerlain tries to please The Arab taste and the promotion of its sales in the Middle East markets after the Sahara group, and it seems that it succeeded in that because it later made this fragrance the nucleus of an oriental perfume group called Les Absolus d'Orient, meaning oriental concentrates, and added to it in 2016 (Amber perfume Amber Eternel)

105.65 USD
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