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Loewe Essence EDP - 150 ml

75.13 USD

The Esencia perfume by Lowe was first launched in 1988 and is a wonderful scent for any event in any of the four seasons, day or night. Top notes are a blend of juniper berries, lavender, bergamot, galbanum, herbal tarragon, green herbs, lavender, lemon and artemia. The scent then moves to the heart notes of black currant, geranium, pine needles, rose, lily of the valley, neroli, jasmine, basil and spicy nutmeg. The base notes are warm and soothing with hints of styrax, cedarwood, vetiver, earthy oakwood, musk, patchouli, golden amber, fir, serene sandalwood, leather, and tonka bean.

75.13 USD
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