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McCarty Stella Stella Tester - 100 ml

46.96 USD

Stella McCartney's first perfume. Stella McCartney is the daughter of Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. She was named Stella after her paternal and maternal grandmothers. Both grandmothers had the same name, Stella, which means star. Stella perfume is one of the most beautiful modern rose fragrances and the most popular, especially in the West. It was re-introduced in a new form in 2014.


Stella Eau de Parfum was released in 2003 in cooperation with the beauty brand Yves Saint Laurent, followed by many limited editions, and in 2014 Stella McCartney reintroduced the perfume again and kept the same composition, and all that was changed is the shape of the bottle, packaging and advertising. Stella is a floral fragrance based on English roses mainly, but it is an unconventional rose fragrance with a soft, refreshing, feminine scent that resembles the scent of rose-scented powder or rose-flavored cosmetics. It is a soft powdery rose fragrance.

Stella Eau de Parfum opens with the scent of mandarin and peony flowers that merge with the feminine rose in the heart that continues its trail at the base that contains amber with a sensual scent. The neck of the bottle is decorated with a golden frame, and the packaging is separated into a base and a dark purple cap, decorated with gold dots and frames.

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46.96 USD
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