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Mont Blanc Emblem Intense Perfume - 100 ml

Eau de toilette for men

44.55 USD

Emblem Intense comes as a translation of the black Emblem, which was inspired by a more powerful and powerful and powerful image. It features an exquisite blend of citrus notes and cool spices as well as a refreshing blend of grapefruit and sage with dual cardamom and coriander seeds. Its powerful yet elegant middle notes reveal the unique, distinctive aroma of fresh blooming violet leaves, infused with the scent of Pomarose™. The warmth of these middle notes is enhanced by the spicy notes of nutmeg and cinnamon wood. The scent of precious woods and patchouli in the base notes blend beautifully with the notes of velvet and refined chamois, to reveal a strong, masculine fragrance.

44.55 USD
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