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Montale Rose Musk Perfume - 100 ml

Eau de perfume for women

64.57 USD

Rose Musk Perfume by Montale Released in 2009, it features a blend of the two parts that make up its name. The top notes of rose offer a touch of romance. The fragrance also has a heart of jasmine and final notes of amber and musk.

Pierre Montale, who opened the perfume house that bears his name in 2003, uses roses frequently in his perfumes, believed to evoke the essence of oriental gardens, having previously created scents for Saudi kings. This perfumer aims to bring the scents of Asia and the Middle East to the western part of the world and thus collects special roses It comes from places like India, Bulgaria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia although it takes some from its native France as well and similarly uses other raw materials from around the world to create unique, attractive, high quality scents.

64.57 USD
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