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Patchouli Intense Perfume - 100 ml

Eau de perfume for men and women

30.54 USD

Patchouli scents are always a major source of inspiration. The essence of this wonderful alternative is the patchouli flower, which is often used as a base addition in the base of many international brand perfumes for its beautiful performance and its pungent scent that resembles the scents of earthy nature. When we talk about patchouli, we talk about the famous Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Tom Ford White Patchouli, Dior Patchouli Imperial, Patricia De Nicolai and a long list of the most luxurious and most successful perfumes

Patchouli Intense is the perfect alternative to Moonlight Patchouli, the best-selling and sought-after among the exclusive Van Cleef Extraordinary collection, which was created with the combination of this ultra-beautiful fragrance that combines spicy patchouli leaves and woods with dissolved cocoa, roses and leather

30.54 USD
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