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Pure Insit Pheromone Perfume (3 Bottles) - 15 ml

70.20 USD

Pure instant pheromone perfume is a sexual attraction that is used by men and women. It is a reliable product that has been used for more than 20 years. It has very high ratings and recommendations. It was created to enhance sexual attractiveness. It contains a pure and concentrated pheromone compound that works to intensify sexual attraction and make the mood romantic. Pure consists Estent from a special mixture of natural ingredients and body-friendly pheromones. The skin absorbs the essential oil to leave it soft to the touch. The fragrance contains a mixture of Australian mango, mandarin, cinnamon and honey with a base base of white musk. An alluring scent for both sexes. It can be used alone or combined with your favorite perfumes. .

What are pheromones: Pheromones are smells that stimulate sex hormones in the brain and thus the feeling of attraction. It is the body's way of making others attracted to us through the use of glands in areas of sensitive organs. These areas secrete a specific smell that stimulates the subconscious areas of the brain and thus the feeling of love at first sight, familiarity with someone we have just met, or attraction to someone who passed quickly in front of us.

How to use: Put a small amount 1. Behind the ears 2. Both sides of the neck 3. The wrist of the hand in the pulse position 4. The area between the breasts 5. The back of the neck. . This product is made in the USA Safe for the body Paraben-free Gluten-Free Glycerin-Free Alcohol-free. 3 small bottles, each bottle is 15 ml

70.20 USD
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