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Sospiro Accento Perfume - 100 ml

Eau de perfume for men and women

248.40 USD

Sospiro is a brilliant name in the world of niche perfumes, despite its recent establishment. This Italian house did not start until 2011 with a collection of 6 different perfumes, but it was able to make itself a lot of fame thanks to the excellence of its scents that contain captivating and fascinating ingredients that were the product of research and numerous experiments. It has 3 perfume experts from the house

Returning to Accento accento, this fragrance is characterized by the combination of woody and citrus scents in a wonderful combination that opens with pineapple fruit and hyacinth flowers with an aromatic heart consisting of iris, jasmine and pink pepper and ends with vetiver, musk, patchouli, amber and vanilla.

The editor's opinion after trying the perfume: The refreshing smell in the opening of the perfume made me confused at first, how can the perfume be niche when it smells only of citrus! However, the perfume soon began to reveal its identity represented by amber woody notes mixed with patchouli, which made it one of the best perfumes according to the opinion of many, and it really deserves it.

248.40 USD
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