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The idea of alternatives perfume

I don't know how much the price of Creed Silver Mountain, which was famous in the Arab world as the white creed in the nineties, when it was first issued, I was still a student at that time, but I remember when I started working in the perfume field in the beginning of 2010, its price was about 550 riyals, and I met with perfume lovers who told me that its price In the nineties, it was around 250 to 300 riyals. I am not sure of the correctness of the information, but the price of the perfume really continued to rise. Its price today in perfume fairs is 1500 riyals, and on the Preview Test website it is 1050 riyals. Of course, the company may have its economic reasons for the high price, for example, the scarcity of obtaining some ingredients or High operating costs, manufacturing and advertising We all know how much you cut out of a huge budget!

In general, I am here to write my experience and I do not think the information provided is conclusive. We welcome any comments or comments from visitors to the site

The idea of perfume alternatives how did it start

Some may think that the Preview Test store is the owner of the idea of perfume alternatives due to the great interest in them. Today, there are about 55 perfumes in the store. In fact, this information is incorrect. The one who preceded us with the idea was the inspiring Saudi young man, Ibrahim Musaed, when he wrote in one of his tweets on Twitter about a perfume similar to the smell Sauvage. I asked for the alternative perfume and started showing it to the customers. I actually found a great similarity and a welcome from them. Sauvage Toilet 395 riyals French Sauvage alternative 110 Good savings on the price!

Are the Arabs the only ones who promote alternative perfumes?

Some customers may be upset by the idea of buying an alternative perfume and see it as detracting from it or belittling it! I don't know how to think in this way. Alternative perfumes exist all over the world. You may find in all brands similar perfumes to the other. Let's give a simple example. 3 Mont Blanc experts met and created a new perfume and called it Explorer. The new perfume turned out to be a copy of the scent of Creed Aventus also Mancera Red Tobacco. The famous replica of the Carolina Herrera Maestro Tobacco perfume! La Perla Women's Bonny Blossom perfume, identical to the scent of Elie Saab. The list is long. In fact, many of the perfumes of Arab companies are made on the scents of other brands. We do not want to file defamation cases, so we will not mention their names ^_^

In the end, local or international companies must meet some of their scents with other competitors

Where are perfume substitutes made?

Perfume alternatives are manufactured by private companies that have different names and their own brands, a large part of which are packaged and manufactured in France, the most famous of which are Gabrielles, Jimena B and Johan B. And another part is packaged in licensed factories in the United Arab Emirates, using imported European oils

What is the difference between perfume alternatives and composition perfumes?

Perfume synthesis is one of the oldest professions on earth, and it is a fun profession that requires the owner of some basic chemical information to understand the behavior of aromatic materials. The formulation of perfumes has a promising future in trade, but when it is packaged according to the requirements of the Food and Drug Authority and the recommendations of the International Evra Organization, unfortunately, there are some who have abused this field by using prohibited substances, for example, filling toxic methanol alcohol instead of safe ethanol or raising the level of concentration to prolong the stability period of the perfume higher than The permissible limit of the substances contained in the essential oil, according to my estimation, is a result of ignorance on the part of the person who is doing the packaging and not on purpose. Therefore, many people become allergic when using the composition perfumes and other symptoms. Our perfume alternatives are not as well. They are packaged in licensed factories according to local and international requirements and regulations. They also come in cartons and special elegant packages.

How much is the similarity between perfumes and their alternatives?

The proportions vary according to the different perfumes. On the Preview Test website, we always strive to try new alternatives that have a higher matching rate. Most of the alternative perfumes currently "and this is based on my personal opinion, the similarity rate is from 85% to 90%. Is there a 100% identical alternative, of course not? Most international companies hide part of the ingredients under the item of trade secrets despite the demands of several committees from consumers in America and countries Others, by fully disclosing the ingredients, some companies resort to commercial tricks, for example, they write in the ingredients roses, but do not specify which type of them. Any perfume with a percentage of 100 because the device responsible for analyzing materials, which is known as GC/MS, does not recognize some ingredients that have a percentage of less than 3% or 1% for other ingredients

Why is the store interested in promoting perfume alternatives?

In a popular proverb, it says light on the pocket and light on the heart ^_^ Most of the online selling sites target the middle class, which constitutes the vast majority of citizens in the Gulf countries or other countries, and to explain to you the goal now is a simple example. After a month, he will buy another perfume for the same value! You say this amount and nothing for some. Your words are true, but as we explained above, we target the majority of people. If, for example, he bought a French alternative for 180 riyals, it is very likely that he will repeat the purchase process a month later. Did you get the idea? Everyone who won the customer was able to buy more perfumes and a wider variety of different scents, and the site got repeat purchases

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