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Versace Pour Homme Tester - 100 ml

38.74 USD

Vibrant blend of citrus, bergamot and geranium evokes a sense of lightness that emerges through the harmonious notes of warmth and strength. Top notes: agarwood, mineral amber, tonka bean, musk. Versace Pour Homme is formulated with ingredients of Mediterranean origin, whose scent accentuates the personality of the modern man.
Note: Versace Borhomme perfume cover comes without a cap

38.74 USD
One comment

ياسر الهذيلي

5 months ago

انتعاش مع الحمضيات صيفي بامتياز وينفع بعد الشاور يعطيك شعور بالانتعاش والنظافة

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