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Gucci Guilty Intense Perfume - 50 ml

30.55 USD

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Intense offers an aromatic experience that is more powerful and intense by enriching Gucci Guilty with new touches that make it more attractive and captivating. The upper classes capture the senses and captivate them with a strong masculine character. The fragrance spreads powerfully in the air, creating a wonderful sense of freshness with addictive first notes of lemon and lavender, followed by a new layer of pungent coriander. Fresh lavender notes blend in the middle notes with orange flower, which plays the most important and attractive role in the base notes, followed by notes of citrusy citrus that enhance the masculine and fresh side of the fragrance. The composition of the fragrance is enriched with notes of leather and dry amber for a deeper and more seductive feel as the base notes of patchouli and captivating cedarwood are revealed. Intense Pour Homme is earthy yet seductive and out of the ordinary, with a strong masculine style.

30.55 USD
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